waste water treatment
waste water treatment
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by recently discovered Corona Virus

Modern day lifestyle is the root cause of cross contamination. Indoor Air quality [IAQ] is the most innocently neglected aspect. We are surrounded by millions of different kinds of bacteria & viruses. From ages mankind & micro-organisms have lived side by side every day. In recent past we have seen different virus attacks like Ebola, H1N1, Swine flu, Zika, Nipah, MERS, SARS, dengue, chikungunya & most recent one is Corona. It is equally true that in future also there will be similar infectious bacterial & viral attacks on us. Most of these are infectious diseases & they spread through air. So it is very important to be ready to fight against them at all times. 

All walks of people & of all age groups from children to elderly, spend most of their time indoors in closed environment with group of others. This can be day care centres, nurseries, schools, colleges, offices, metros, gyms, theatres, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, old age homes, etc. Most of these urban places are closed with large expanse of glass & comfort air-conditioning. The real problem of cross contaminations starts from here, where in comfort air conditioning same stale air is being circulated again & again. In such places cross infection from colleagues or visitors can very easily get spread across. In closed environment occupants come from different localities & can bring in lots of bacteria & viruses on their body.

An individual can do very little to protect himself or herself from cross contaminations. Not all newly identified virus species affecting humans are ‘new’, in the sense that they have only recently started to infect humans; many of them have been present in humans for a considerable time but have only recently been recognized.

How to Prevent:
To prevent from airborne cross contaminations, it is very much important to keep indoor air continously treated from these bacteria & viruses. This can very easily be achieved by indoor & incoming fresh air being continuously disinfected. Wide range of air filters & purifiers are available which claim they are the best in treating indoor air. The important factor for any individual is how to select the right solution for air disinfection among the all available. The sysem should be effective & safe for the occupants. New innovative technology of “Electro-Chemical Oxidation” (ECO) & “Bipolar Oxygen Ionisation” (BOI) is the most effective method to kill any bacteria or virus, and Corona (COVID 19) is no exception.

Air Filters & Purifiers – How effective they are?
There are diversified contaminents & pollutents in air & diversified treatment techniques are available to tackle them. For treatment of corona, air filters have very limited effect since they only filter or purify the air which passes through them & these are called “One Point Treatment”. The filter media used has no effect on viruses since they are extremely small in size, less than 0.1 micron. (0.1 micron = 1/10,000 mm). Also, the time for which air remains in air filters is also extreamly less, which is less than 0.02 Seconds (20 milliseconds), for completely killing of any bacteria or viruses. The ECO & BOI are the only treatments where killing happens at the source & are called as “Point Of Source Treatment”.

How ECO & BOI Kills Bacteria & Viruses:
All living things are made up of organic matters & viruses are the tiniest and weakest of the lot. Oxidation is a burning/corrosive chemical process of organic matters which can not distinguish among any species. “Penetrate & Treat” is the process where indoor air is continously blended with mild control spray of oxidisers & oxygen ions which instantly kills all micro-organisms at the source of their existence. ECO+BOI easily get blended in ambient air, so that it can reach every space where a virus can hide.

Untreated Indoor air is extreamly vulnerable to cross contaiminations from multiple sources, today it is Corona, tomorrow it may be some new virus or even common cold or flu. Smart thing is to concern experienced experts & keep indoor air under control of cross contaminations, with proven technique “Penetrate and Treat” with ECO + BOI to kill Corona, before it kills you.


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