Overseas Clients

Client Name Site Date Solution Capacity
Cream Bell Uganda 7-Aug-07 CIP 20 Gm/hr
Hayel Saeed Anam & Co Yemen 15-Nov-08 Consulting - Rain Water Harvesting Taiz City
Travancore Exports Inc - 1 Kuwait 2-Dec-08 Package Drinking Water 15 Gm/hr
Amarak Chemicals Fzc UAE 10-Dec-08 Exhaust Industrial gas treatment using activated carbon filter 1000 CFM
[02 Nos]
Amarak Chemicals Fzc UAE 10-Dec-08 Automatic Self Cleaning Filter 90 m3/hr
Globchem Group Italy 13-Dec-08 WTP 20 m3/hr
Development Resources Fujairah 3-Feb-09 WTP for carbonated drinks 5 m3/hr
GKK Trading WLL Bahrain 15-Feb-09 DM Plant 1.5 m3/hr
Travancore Exports Inc - 2 Kuwait 24-Feb-10 Package Drinking Water 15 Gm/hr
SJPC Group PCAS Canada 13-Mar-10 Filtration Vessel 3672 vessel -
03 Nos
Salalah Methanol Company Oman 1-Apr-10 Activated Carbon Filter 3.6 m3/hr
Crown Foods Ltd Kenya 3-Jan-11 Beverage Industry 60 Gm/hr.
Business Communications LLC Dubai 18-Feb-11 Water Softner 0.5 m3/hr
Sameer Agriculture & Live Stock Uganda 7-Jul-11 Raw Water Filtration - WTP 30 m3/Hr
Crown Foods Ltd Kenya 21-Sep-11 Package Drinking Water 18 Gm/hr.
Yemen Dairy & Juice Industries (SYC) Yemen 27-Dec-11 Dairy and juice industry 50 Gm/hr.
International Co. for Industry and Printing and Packaging (SYC) Yemen 27-Dec-11 Package Drinking Water 50 G/hr
Crown Beverages LTD Kenya 19-Jan-12 Oxygen Concentrator 0.3 Nm3/hr
EXSAN International Nigeria 29-Feb-12 WTP 3.0 m3/hr
Saudi Pharmaceuticals Ltd Saudi Arabia 1-Mar-12 Ozonator 20 Gm/Hr
LUX Maldives Maldives 27-Jul-12 Consultation - STP Recycling 250 CMD
LUX Maldives Maldives 16-Aug-12 Ozonation in STP Tertiary Treatment 100 Gm/Hr
CTEQ Hospital London 16-Feb-13 Air Ozone Generator 5 Gm/Hr
Indorama Synthetic Indonesia 26-Mar-13 Textile Effluent Water Treatment 100 Gm/Hr
United Caravan Trading & Contracting Oman 27-Jan-14 Pressure Sand Filter 8.0 m3/hr
NIYAMA. A Per AQUUM Resort Maldives 10-Mar-14 Odour reduction & air disinfection in guest room 200 mg/hr [02 nos.]
ESSAR Papua New Guinea 14-May-14 Green STP 50 CMD
ESSAR Papua New Guinea 14-May-14 Raw Water Filtration - WTP 50 CMD
Cosmos Pharmaceuticals Kenya 20-May-14 Textile Effluent Water Treatment 135 Gm/Hr
Spinners & Spinners Kenya 7-Jul-14 Ozonation in STP Tertiary Treatment 120 Gm/Hr
Radiantheat Water Pvt. Ltd Maldives 31-Jan-15 Air Ozone Generator 500 Mg/Hr
Alfaknite Textiles Kenya 1-Oct-15 Textile Effluent Water Treatment 75 Gm/Hr
Om Finemart Maldives 10-Feb-16 Guest Room Odour Reduction 250 mg/hr
Berger Paints UAE 7-Mar-16 VOC reduction in industrial exhaust 40 Gm/Hr x 03 Nos.
German Metal Surface Saudi Arabia 10-Apr-16 Ozonation Post DM Plant 20 Gm/Hr
Crown Beverages Nigeria 4-Dec-16 Ozonation System for Package Beverages Water 60 Gm/Hr
ATG Ceylon Sri Lanka 26-Dec-16 Ozonation for Pilot Study 5 Gm/Hr
Autark Engineering Switzerland 19-Apr-17 STP Tertiary Treatment 15 KLD (4 m³ )
Autark Engineering Switzerland 19-Apr-17 Advance Oxidation Process [AOP]
For STP Tertiary Treatment
15 Gm/hr
OxylenGas Company Sudan 17-Nov-17 Slaughter House Odor Control 500 mg/hr
Swiss Project Switzerland 1-Mar-18 Green STP 15 CMD
Mohm Al - Houti General Trading Kuwait

Incopek Yemen

Poko Bros Group Nigeria

Pearl Dairy Uganda
Raw Water Filteration (WTP) 60 m³/hr
Tamarina Mauritius
Consultation - Green STP AD+ 60 CMD

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