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 Waste Water Treatment

- Sewage Treatment Plant
Grey Water Treatment
- Decentralised STP
- Containerized STP
- Skid Mounted STP
- STP for labor camp
Compact STP

- Sustainable STP
- STP for weekend home
- Tertiary Treatment with Ozonation

 Water Treatment Solutions

- Drinking Water Treatment
- Ozone in Food & Beverage
- Swimming Pool/Ponds
- Process Water Treatment
- Type II RO Water
- Ozone Laundry System
- Cooling Tower Treatment
- Municipal Drinking Water
- Sea Water Desalination
- River/Lake/Dam Ground

 Air Treatment Solutions

- Operation Room Fumigation
- Odor removal / Control
- Indoor Air Treatment
- Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
- HVAC / AHU Ozonation
- Air Disinfection
- VOC Reduction
- Sick Building Syndrome
- Production Industry
- Packing Industry

Air, Water and Waste water treatment:

Chemtronicsindia is a solution providing company in Air, Water and Waste water treatment and recycling for reuse. Depending upon the contaminations we integrate single or multiple technologies as a permanent root cause customised solution. With our vast practical experience of integration and retrofitting, we offer most optimum & successful performance. All our solutions are ecological, technically most feasible and commercially viable.

Our core of design philosophy is green in nature reducing energy consumption, saving water & recycle waste water. We offer time tested innovative solutions, with low capital cost and can reduce operational cost. Our most of the offered solutions are of low return on investment (ROI) basis.

Chemtronicsindia offers design solutions, manufacture, supply, export, erection, commissioning and services in three domains of air treatment, water treatment and waste water treatment.

Air Treatment :
Under air treatment division, we cater mainly to odor control, STP & OWC foul odor destruction, air disinfection and sterilisation, clean room applications, ICU and operation theatre fumigation, VOC reduction, reduce sick building syndromes (SBS), enhance indoor air quality (IAQ), industrial production, packing and storage areas, cold storages.

Water Treatment :
Under water treatment division, we cater to commercial and industrial process as well as drinking water purification for potable use, swimming pool water treatment and swimming pool ozonation, ozone CIP, Type II water, dialysis RO, Laundry water ozonation, cooling tower water treatment and ozonation and bore well water treatment, river water treatment etc.

Waste Water Treatment :
Under waste water treatment division, we offer solutions not only for treatment but also how economically one can recycle and reuse the treated waste water.

We are specialised in unique cost effective combination of technologies for recycle and reuse of :
Secondary treated Domestic waste water treatment for industrial use.
Laundry waste water treatment, recycling and reuse.
Textile waste water color, COD and BOD reduction.
Sewage water tertiary treatment and ozonation.
Effluent water ozone tertiary treatment.
Grey water treatment with ozonation.
Green STP AD+.

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Ban On Use of Chlorine in all Hotel Industry, Resorts, Swimming Pool & STP by MPCB

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