Dual Media Filter

A sand-anthracite filter or dual media filter/multi-media filter is primarily used for the removal of turbidity and suspended solids as low as 10-20 microns. Dual media filters provide very efficient particle removal under the conditions of high filtration rate. Inside a sand-anthracite filter is a layered bed of filter media.

The bed is graded from bottom to top as follows:
Having the filter media graded this way enables the sand anthracite Filter to run for longer times before a backwash is necessary. A sand anthracite filter or multi-media filter consists of 2 main parts:
�€� A composite pressure vessel with Multiport Valve.
�€� Graded beds of sand and anthracite.

Internally, the dual media filter is fitted with an inlet distributor and a bottom Colleting system. Externally, the system is fitted with frontal pipe work and isolation valves. Sand is used to remove the suspended particles and anthracite is used to remove the odor and color etc. to make the water fit for different applications. Gravels and pebbles are provided to support to both the media. Periodically, the sand-anthracite filter will backwash, which changes the water flow through the sand-anthracite filter.

Applications :
�€� Side stream filtration of cooling tower
�€� Potable water treatment
�€� Waste Water treatment
�€� Boiler feed water

Salient Features:
�€� High Filtration efficiencies
�€� Filter up to 10 �€“ 20 Microns
�€� FRP, MSRL, MSEP & SS Vessel available.
�€� Standard and effective sand- anthracite media
�€� Low Pressure drop across the vessel
�€� Air scouring available for high flow pressure vessel
�€� Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic features are provided
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