Personal Ozone Generator with Ionizer

Personal air ozone generator produces ozone gas from ambient air. Advantage of producing ozone from air is that it does not require extra equipment to produce oxygen & the concentration of ozone is low but sufficiently adequate for personal use. This makes it very safe during its use as an odor eliminator, disinfection, enhances indoor air quality etc. their Standard capacities is 50 mg/hr. Personal air ozone generator can be kept on a table, shelf’s, carried along due to its light weight to be moved from one place to other. At the same time, if required on a wall, it can be wall mounted. This is small ozonators, ideal for residential domestic applications.

Model No MDT/OGA – 50
Brand Name CHEMOZONE ™
Ozone Output 50 mg/hr
Technology Corona Discharge
Anion - vely Charged
Output Pressure 10 Kpa
Operating Temperature 15⁰C – 40⁰C
Size [mm] 200(L) X 160(W) X 60 (H)
Net weight 700GM
Operating Voltage 110 V/60 Hz ; 220 V /50 Hz
Colour White
Mounting/Installation Portable / Desktop

Features :
Ozonizer with ionizer
Small in size
Light weight
Elegant look
Strong Plastic body
Plug & Play type
Built in air pump
Built in cooling fan
Flexible extension tubing
Ozone from ambient air

Ozone : ON/ OFF
Anion : ON/ OFF

Pre programmed, automatic ON & stand by

Flexible extension tubing – 3 meters
Bubble stone diffuser

Ozone gas leakage sensor & controller
SS titanium dome diffuser

Air & Water Ozonation with Air Ionizer
Removes indoor foul smell, food smell, smoke smell
Used for cleaning face, teeth, eyes, hair, bath
Removes pesticides from vegetables and fruits
Watering plants, pets, surface cleaning
Removes hormones and kills bacteria’s from fish and meat
Effective against MRSA, E.coli and other bacteria’s
Keeps feet’s of athletes healthy if sprinkled in shoes and socks
Used to remove mildew stain odor for the wardrobe
Effective cleaning, beauty and ease fatigue
Offices, bedroom, smoking cabins, cafeteria, canteen
Hospital, healthcare, religious places, cold storages
Hotel rooms, resorts, banquettes, malls, theaters, conference

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