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Hotel & Resort STP

In recent years Eco tourism and sustainability are the most important attractive concern for all Hospitality sectors where hotels and resorts more developing and create an ambience of nature and relaxation of guest. For this they are trying to reduce the significant impact on environment. Recently in hotels and beach/ Ireland resorts sewage Wastewater treatment management and water management are the two most important operational criteria. Most of the hotels and beach resorts, Ireland resorts where the source of domestic water is limited and the disposal of waste water is a big concern in terms of their operational cost. Chemtronics has developed a technology of treating a hospitality sewage waste water to achieve eco sustainability for rapid growth in hospitality industry.

Chemtronics provides Green Sewage treatment Plant AD+ facilities for
• Hotels • Beach Resorts • Ireland Resort s • Beach Villas

Hotel Sewage Treament Plant

Resuse Application :
• Gardening
• Toilet Flushing
• Landscape Irrigation
• Cooling Tower 
• Car Washing
• Fire Sprinklers 
• Non potable use

Salient Features:
• Underground structure with compact design & completely covered plant.
• No foul odour around the STP area or in the receiving environment.
• Does not require continuous monitoring and operation.
• Works well with inconsistent grey water flow.
• Minimal sludge generation.
• Zero liquid from STP.
• Extremely low Maintenance. 
• 50 – 70% less power consumption compared to conventional aerobic treatment.
• Minimal foot Print
• Semi automatic and automatic plant operation.
• Treated water quality within permissible limit
• Environmentally Safe to treated sewage water dispose in Land or Water.
• Treated water can be reuse for gardening, toilet flushing, landscape, irrigation, cooling towers etc.


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