Integrated Ozone Generator :

Chemtronics is a Indian manufacturer & exporter of commercial & industrial grade integrated ozone generators. These ozone generators are used in air, water & waste water treatment / application. Chemozone™ brand IV generation ozone generators have vast diversified applications all around the world


Food & Beverage Wine & Liquor Pharmaceutical Dairy Fishery & Aquaculture
Fruits & Vegetables Hotel & Hospitality Hospital & Healthcare    
Application - Air
Air Disinfection Odor Control Indoor Air Quality Cold Storage Process & Packing
Cigarette Odor OT & ICU Fumigation Clean Room STP/Garbage Exhaust
Application - Water
Clean In Place [CIP] Ozone Laundry System Flume wash water Package Drinking Water Paper & Pulp
Process Water Cooling Tower Swimming Pool Potable Drinking Water  
Application - Waste Water
Textile Effluent Industrial Waste Sewage Treatment Grey Water Treatment Laundry Waste Water

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