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Laboratory services

Ozone Generator Range

Chemtronics offers laboratory services for feasibility of ozone & AOP for air, water & waste water. The objective of this study is to decide whether ozone or advance oxidation process has positive effect or not. In case of waste water having odour, COD, TOC or biological load Chemtronics can perform multiple combination of treatment. In majority of waste water treatment ozone &AOP is always used in combination with other conventional & innovative techniques. These mainly involve physical–chemical, biological, electro-coagulation, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis etc. The result of laboratory experiment can be very important input to establish the ozone & AOP dose, operational time, system integration, optimum treatment technique,implementation engineering, retrofitting and level of treatability etc.

Once the positive effect is confirmed the next logical step is to go for pilot plant study. The objective of the pilot plant study is to establish the optimum point of integration & the capacity of required ozone and/or AOP dose in actual site condition.

The pilot plant study in most of the casesis economically viable for large water & waste water volumes. Also there is a possibility of directly going with the full scale option of Ozonation & advance oxidation. For this Chemtronics can offer you the size, capacity, & integration engineering with their past experience. After the project execution, if industry wishes to enhance the performance, we can add extra modules of Ozone generator system & advance oxidation system& augment the plant capacity.

If you wish to perform laboratory experiment at Chemtronics facility, please write to us at response@chemtronicsindia.com or speak to us for free consultation on +91-93212 34527.

Many industries have used our laboratory services& got overwhelming results at a nominal cost in a very short time. Please check for some of case studies of laboratories services.

Pilot plant – Ozone & AOP
Chemtronics also offers the pilot plant for diversified industries to ascertain the level of performance before implementing the full scale project. The pilot plant can also be used to perform different combination of technologies with Ozonation& advance oxidation process. Many industries used Chemtronics pilot/bench models to carry out propriety research & developments. We offer engineering services& R&D schemes & consultation free of cost with our pilot plants. Please feel free to contact us on +91-93212 34527 or write to us at response@chemtronicsindia.com or visit to get pilot plant /R&D process flow diagrams.
Many diversified industries are satisfactorily using bench models of Chemtronics for their R&D & process establishment.

Pilot plants are very useful in pharmaceuticals, textile, food &beverages, sugar mills, tanneries, effluent treatment plant designing etc.

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