waste water treatment
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Ozone In Fruits & Vegetables Industry

No Chlorine
Quicker Process
Increase Transit & Shelf Life
Reduce Transit Spoilage
Higher Safety & Hygiene
USDA & GRAS Confirmation

Raw Flume Wash Water Ozonation 
Surface & Equipment Ozone Sanitation 
Bins | Crates - Disinfection & Sanitation 
Air Disinfection - Production | Packing | Storage 
Air Fumigation – Transport Vehicles & Containers
Waste Water | STP Tertiary Stage Ozonation

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Flume Washer with Ozonated Water 0:48
Orange(fruits) washing in ozonated water
Vegetable Batch Washer

Fruits, Vegetable & Salad Cleaning with Ozonated water. Meat, poke, chicken, fish, prawns etc can also be cleaned.

Basket Ozone Water Washer – Sanitizer 5:19
Vegetable Batch Washer 6:18
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