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Ozone in Pharmaceuticals

Ozone in Pharmaceuticals
Air Disinfection | Sterilization
Sanitation – Surface | Equipments
Water Sanitation
Clean In Place | CIP
Clean Room Sanitation
Raw Water Ozonation : Pharmaceutical Industry – Goa
Raw Water Ozonation : Pharmaceutical Industry – Mumbai
Raw Water Ozonation : Pharmaceutical Industry – Belgaum

Raw Water Ozonation
Pharmaceutical industries can have diversified source of water, which needs to be treated & disinfected for general usage. Ozonation at the entry level oxidizes organic impurities, removes any presence of color & Odor & quickly disinfects the raw water. A Distinct advantage is post treatment, excess ozone reverts back to natural oxygen without any effort & disinfectant by-products are harmless and treatment is environmental friendly.

Centralized & Local Process Water Ozonation
To keep process water sterile all the time ozonated water is circulated continuously. Residual dissolved ozone in is quenched out just before the use in product or process. This provides very high quality water.

Surface & Equipment Ozone Sanitation
In pharmaceutical & medical industry it is very essential to keep all process area, tanks, equipments, furniture’s in highly disinfected condition. This can very easily be achieved using ozone surface sanitation. Washing & rinsing with high dissolved ozone can quickly disinfects with no residual by-product to be further treated.

Clean-In-Place | CIP
In pharmaceutical industries, CIP is the most critical for all process & quality purpose. Ozone CIP is the most effective & popular trend in pharma, dairy, food & beverage industries. Ozone CIP gives extreme disinfection without the use of hot water or steam. Operation time is greatly reduced with confidence of process. In Ozone CIP no rinsing is required, reducing entire process cycle & post CIP ozone naturally disintegrates to safe oxygen. Unlike other disinfectant, there is no danger of disinfectant residue.

Air Disinfection - Production | Packing | Storage
Strategically planned Air ozonation in air handling unit [AHU] provides extra ascetical condition in production, packing & storage areas. Ozone in air treatment is followed by de-ozonation since half life of ozone in clean, dry & low temperature can be 2- 3 days

Odor Control - STP Exhaust Air | Organic Waster Composter | Garbage room
Most of the pharmaceutical factories have organic waste composter, which can generate foul odor & contamination. This along with any STP odor & gaseous chemicals are quickly oxidized using air ozonators.

Waste Water | STP Tertiary Stage Ozonation
Using ozone in waste water & STP tertiary treatment in place of chlorine is mandatory from environmental compliances. Ozone in tertiary treatment disinfects waste water with odor & color reduction. This gives more reasons to use tertiary treated waste water in flushing, cooling tower make up water or gardening.

Ozone Fumigation
To sterile the places, ozone fumigation is quick & with short process time. Degree of sterilization is also very high. Ozone fumigation is commonly done in industry in most of the critical areas & in R & D labs.

Integrated Centralized Ozone Laundry System
Centralized Integrated ozone laundry system easily provides extremely high level of disinfection to regular & disinfected cloths.

Ozone Generators for Research & Development
For lot of process & production research ozone is used. Many times ozone is required as an integral part of research of product gas.

Cooling Tower Water Ozonation
Ozone water treatment is like a cooling tower, it gives higher efficiency in slime control without increase in chemicals and ozone reduces chemical consumption. Reduction in chemicals reduces blown down quantity of water.

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