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Ozone in Cooling Tower

Ozone in Cooling Tower

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Any industry using cooling tower needs water treatment involving disinfections. Due to continuous circulation of water in cooling tower, water gets contaminated & slim formation takes place. This slim with hardness scale & dirt forms a layer, which significantly affects the heat exchange efficiency of C. T.
Therefore cooling tower circulation water continuously needs to be treated. Due to evaporation loss & continuous addition of these treatments chemical TDS of the water keeps rising, which is not suitable for cooling tower performance & system. To avoid rise in TDS, apart from cooling tower, water is continuously drained, blow down & replaced by fresh water. In many countries like India, it is mandatory for corporate to use STP treated recycled water as a cooling tower make up water. Due to nature of waste water, water needs more chemical to treat & avoid slim formation.

Using ozone as a disinfectant, treatment efficiency can be enhanced without adding any residual or by product chemical which does not increase the TDS of water. Due to this quantity of blow down water is significantly reduced. It eventually reduces the fresh water consumption.

There are two methods of implementing ozone in cooling tower system. One is conventional & other is using advance Integrated Ozone System [IOS]. Comparatively IOS is much safer & efficient in ozone mass transfer technique. Due to this smaller capacity of ozone generators can do better job & reduces operational cost.

Advantages of cooling Tower Ozonation
Lower cost
Disinfectant does not add dissolved solids to water & reducing blow down frequency & quantity of water.
Environmentally friendly, does not require further treatment to treat waste water from blow down.
Integrated ozone system offer very high efficiency at lower operating cost & better performance.


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