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Industrial Wastewater Ozonation

Ozone Generator Range

Tertiary Disinfection
Environmental Friendly
Enhance Biological Treatment
Advance Oxidation Process [AOP]

All effluent treatment plant has primary secondary & tertiary stages as a part of the scheme. For high efficiency & polishing ozone is used in tertiary stage of ETP here ozone effectively reduces colour, odor, COD, BOD & micro organisms.

Industrial wastewater treatment is a global concern since every country has industrial zone for their countries development. Industrial wastewater treatment are broadly divided in two technologies. One using Physio-chemical process & other biological process. Some industrial effluent are so high in its COD values where both physio chemical as well as biological treatment is involved. This involves high space, operational cost, skilled full time manpower to operate efficiently. Chemtronics has over the period of time developed with research & development technique using ozone.

Area of studies & research is done in below segments :-
1. Optimum capacity of ozone
2. Applied Ozone concentration
3. Point of Integration
4. Optimum use of associated equipments
5. Chemistry of ozone with wastewater constituents.

Many times industry experts get mislead due to lack of information about ozone technology. The misconcept is that ozone can reduce COD & BOD in wastewater. COD & BOD does not have chemical composition or formula with which ozone reacts & oxidizes it. Actually COD & BOD are chemical & Biological oxygen demand due to cumulative pollutants present in industrial wastewater. This is the only reason why no one can predict the ozone capacity or ozone demand for particular level of COD or BOD.

In actual scenario ozone oxidizes the pollutants present in wastewater. This happens in order of weakest to strongest, as these pollutants get oxidize the oxygen demand of these individual goes on reducing & due to this the total (overall) COD of the effluents reduces.

Over the period of time & experience gathered during the ozone implementation Chemtronics has mastered the technique of ozonation where overall performance of ETP is enhanced. In this technique customers can expect reduction in chemical consumption, reduction in operational time, enhancement / performance of biological stage (if in a scheme), reduction in color & COD.

Many times the working principle of ozone is misunderstood as ozone for COD reduction, which is not always true. This is only true if constituents in pollutants are directly oxidizable.

In most of the high COD effluents the ozone breaks the complex molecular bonds into simpler or easily be biodegradable & easily treated in physiochemical stage. By simplifying the chemical composition of wastewater the ph correction, coagulant, floculant & poly electrolytes are less required & better results are seen.
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